BHARB Bridal is backed up by a small familiar business from a small village in Hungary at the feet of the Alps next to the Austrian – Hungarian border.

The joy of creation and creating value dates back through generations. We set great store by our great-grandmother’s singer sewing machine as well as the meticulously made dresses.

Because of this, making our dresses is preceded by a long process of design and material selection. Then they are made unique and special by careful production and meticulous handwork. Our amazing team and work in an uplifting mood makes our days full of creative hours rather than working hours.

We know it is a big day in your life and it is important what dress you wear. Therefore, every dress in our collection has been made with great attention and patience.

They highlight natural beauty.

Because of this, we exclusively use natural white materials that are not rousing or showish but ensure a noble and sophisticated look.


We would like to give you not only a perfect wedding dress but an amazing experience while wearing it. The feeling of being special.


We will be honored to be a part of this.



BHARB team